8 nhà giáo dục, nhà nghiên cứu và chuyên gia NUS xuất sắc đạt Giải thưởng Đại học

Thứ ba, 22/03/2022, 11:22 GMT+7

Even in the middle of a pandemic, or perhaps because of it, it is important to celebrate the contributions of the NUS community – this was the refrain at the University Awards 2021 ceremony held on 17 March. Eight outstanding educators, researchers and professionals were honoured for their contributions to the University, Singapore and the global community.

The University Awards represent NUS’ highest tribute to excellence in educating and nurturing talent, advancing knowledge and fostering innovation, and contributing to country and society.

Speaking at the ceremony, which was held at the Regent Singapore this year and webcast live, NUS Senior Deputy President and Provost Professor Ho Teck Hua said, “To all our award recipients, I convey my heartiest congratulations. Today’s celebration is a reminder that even in a pandemic, your work has continued at the highest levels.”

“Your dedication to pursuing your passions, honing your craft, and reaching for excellence serves as an inspiration to us all.”

In his speech, Professor Ho also touched on the bold initiatives that NUS is leading in the areas of education, research, and innovation and enterprise, as well as its sustained investment in talent.

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