Trung tâm NUS công nghệ 5G trong Quản lý Cơ sở vật chất Thông minh (FM)

Thứ sáu, 17/12/2021, 12:21 GMT+7

Centre will harness 5G connectivity for smart facilities management and built environment industry applications

(Left to right) Associate Professor Evelyn Teo, Director, Centre for 5G Digital Building Technology; Professor Michael Chew, Head, NUS Department of the Built Environment; Assistant Professor Shah Kwok Wei, 5G Research Thrust Leader, Centre for 5G Digital Building Technology.

In a boost to Singapore’s future-built environment landscape, the National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of the Built Environment has established a new research centre to augment the digital capability of Singapore’s construction industry, accelerate 5G training and promote the adoption of 5G technologies in Smart Facilities Management (FM).

The Centre for 5G Digital Building Technology aims to play an important role in Singapore’s digital research transformation as the nation pushes to offer nation-wide 5G coverage by 2025. Specifically, it has set its sights to be a leading centre in digital building technology through high impact research, broad-based education, and implementing best practices. It will harness 5G connectivity, cloud-based digital twin and robotics for Smart FM and Built Environment industry applications and seek to transform the way people design, deliver and manage Singapore’s built environment.

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