NUS News

22/03/2022, Thứ ba
The 5G Academy has brought together all twelve local Institutions of Higher Learning and leading industry players such as Cisco Systems, IBM and Micron to develop and steer its initiatives.
18/03/2022, Thứ sáu
Now researchers from NUS Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering have demonstrated the first-ever experimental evidence of the stability of CO2 hydrates in oceanic sediments - an essential step in making this carbon storage technology a viable reality.
16/03/2022, Thứ tư
Lending a spark of difference to this year’s NUS Arts Festival is an inaugural collaboration with the NUS College of Design and Engineering. What sets this Festival apart from others is the use of interdisciplinary education and research to drive the creation of artistic works, prompting reflection and broadening thinking on today’s issues.