Lễ hội NUS giới thiệu giữa nghệ thuật và học thuật

Thứ tư, 16/03/2022, 11:13 GMT+7

Lending a spark of difference to this year’s NUS Arts Festival is an inaugural collaboration with the NUS College of Design and Engineering. What sets this Festival apart from others is the use of interdisciplinary education and research to drive the creation of artistic works, prompting reflection and broadening thinking on today’s issues.

A highlight of the Festival, NUS Indian Dance’s Thanmai, will close this year’s Festival programme exploring the true nature of light through the lenses of science, spirituality, time, poetry, and visual art.

NUS Arts Festival 2022: Shades of Light(ness) will run from 18 to 27 March, involving over 400 student artists, professional arts practitioners, leading researchers and thought leaders in NUS. Through a range of dance, music, theatre performances, film screenings, panel discussions and art installations, audiences will be invited to contemplate the multiplicity of light, one of the most powerful forces known to humanity.

“The synergies between science, technology, and the arts are often overlooked,” said Professor Aaron Thean, Dean of the NUS College of Design and Engineering. 

“By bringing together creative elements from a technological perspective, we hope to interpret contemporary societal experience and generate inspirations for all of us. This collaboration between NUS Centre For the Arts and our College expresses our aspiration to further the spirit of interdisciplinary learning and research,” he added.

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