Giáo sư Simon Chesterman được bổ nhiệm là Hiệu trưởng đầu tiên của trường NUS College

Thứ tư, 05/01/2022, 15:52 GMT+7

Professor Simon Chesterman has been appointed the Dean of NUS College, Singapore’s first honours college, formed by the merger of the University Scholars Programme (USP) and Yale-NUS College.

Prof Chesterman, an expert in international law, has transformed legal education at NUS Law. He will lead the new NUS College in crafting an educational journey that transcends disciplinary and geographical boundaries.

Commencing the role from 1 July, Prof Chesterman will be concurrently appointed Vice Provost (Educational Innovation) at NUS, and in that capacity, be responsible for extending educational best practices across the University. 

Having served as the Dean of NUS Law since 2012, Prof Chesterman will continue in that role for the time being while a global search is conducted for a suitable successor to lead the law school.

“I am humbled and deeply honoured to serve as the inaugural Dean of NUS College,” said Prof Chesterman.

“Attending university is about more than just studies and preparing for a career. It should do that, of course, but it is also a time of self-exploration and growth, pursuing one’s passion while working alongside those from different backgrounds,” he stressed.

Prof Chesterman expressed his excitement at the myriad opportunities NUS College offers, and the chance to work with colleagues and students to build NUS College into Singapore’s first true honours college.

“It will be a new educational journey that transcends disciplinary and geographical boundaries — education without limits.”

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